It was a delight to know that there are still attorneys out there that look out for individuals rather than $$$. This firm really listened and welcomed me and got me results that I was not even expecting. I whole heartedly thank Joyce for believing in my case. I will refer her to anyone I know. A superb experience all around. Approachable, extremely competent, great back and forth communication about my case, always answered all my questions, a true class act, and the best possible outcome. This is the most decent, honest and trustworthy law office I’ve ever seen. Joyce is always on the ball when it came to mediating and providing information involved with my case. She always considered my best interests and what might hinder the case. Never misled me, never played games, always very straight forward and considerate. Took my case and always put my health and wellbeing on the top of the list. It was more important than anything else. That’s something you don’t find with lawyers nowadays. I would recommend Joyce and her firm’s services, costs, and overall skill to anyone needing legal representation. I felt like she was my friend. That’s very comforting and gratifying. Thank you for making the whole process smooth, timely, and overall genuinely low stress. Truly appreciated, highly recommend this office.